Hanno Kindel elected as new CEO of AEB

At the board meeting of 21 September, the Association of Estonian Broadcasters, which unites private channels in Estonia, elected Hanno Kindel as the new CEO and approved the new composition of the board. Hanno Kindel started working as the CEO of the umbrella organisation for private channels on 1 October.

Hanno Kindel has been active in the media for the past 30 years. The diary study of the television and radio audience, launched in 1993 with the BMF Gallup Media team, marked the beginning of a closer association with electronic media. His last 20 years of work experience with various media agencies provided extensive collaboration experience in the field of media advertising with all private channels.

‘I want to use the experience gained over the years to contribute to the strong development of the Association of Estonian Broadcasters,’ claimed Kindel. ‘Television advertising along with online advertising remains one of the two primary outlets in the advertising industry, and the position of radio advertising among local advertisers is still relevant. It is important to maintain our strong position in representing market participants when interacting with legislative and executive powers, but also with creators, performers and phonogram producers.

Starting from October, the Association of Estonian Broadcasters will once again unite the television and radio market of Estonia, which gives us the opportunity to develop the field together and contribute to its future. I believe that my first task will be to set the primary objectives of the next 3-5 years for the development of the field, their implementation and carrying out more active cooperation between all parties,’ stated the new CEO. 

The Association of Estonian Broadcasters unites the majority of commercial broadcasting organisations in Estonia. The members of the association are:

  • Taevaraadio (radio stations Sky Plus, Sky Radio, Retro FM, Russkoje Radio, Rock FM and NRJ)
  • TV3 Group (television channels: TV3, TV6, 3+, FOX, FOX Life, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, RTR, CTC, TNT, Pjatnitsa and radio stations Star FM, Power Hit Radio and Radio Volna)
  • Duo Media Network (television channels Kanal 2, Duo 4, Duo 5, Duo 3, Duo 6, Duo 7, Filmzone, Filmzone Plus, Smartzone, Kidzone, Kidzone Plus, MyHits TV, Eesti Kanal and radio stations Kuku, Elmar, MyHits, Narodnoe and DFM)
  • Ring FM Media (radio stations Tre Raadio, Ring FM and Ruut FM)
  • Kadi Raadio
  • Relax FM
  • Äripäeva raadio
  • Tartu Family Radio Association (Family Radio and Semeinoje Radio)
  • Raadio7
  • Alo TV