of Estonian Broadcasters

The Association of Estonian Broadcasters (AEB) is a non-governmental non-profit association which promotes the national broadcasting culture and represents the interests of radio and TV broadcasters. The association has ten members (one television and radio organisation, one television organisation and eight radio organisations), who pay a membership fee. AEB members are broadcasting organisations, not stations – one organisation may have multiple stations. The AEB unites virtually all broadcasting organisations in Estonia. The association takes part in the legislative process. Representatives of the AEB are involved in most of the working groups that develop broadcasting policies and bills. The AEB has framework agreements with the Estonian Authors’ Society, the Estonian Association of Phonogram Producers and the Estonian Performers Association on the use of works in broadcasting stations.

AEB members

Members of the management board

Karin Kundla
Signe Suur
Risto Rosimannus
Siim Pohlak
Hanno Kindel