Social campaigns

550,000+ listeners

20+ radio stations

Audio clips of up to 25 sec


The Estonian Association of Broadcasters (ERÜ) offers the opportunity to broadcast nationally and socially important campaigns on its member radio stations.. Organising a campaign through the AEB provides simultaneous access to the listeners of more than 20 radio stations and saves time on organisation, as there is only one partner to communicate with.


The campaign package we offer includes the transmission of an audio clip (a programme in the sense of the Broadcasting Act) of up to 35 seconds 56 times in one broadcasting organisation (i.e. if one broadcasting organisation has multiple stations, the number is divided according to the client’s request). However, if necessary, two or more packages can be used to organise a single campaign. 


The AEB has positive experiences of such cooperation with the Transport Administration, the Estonian Rescue Board, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, the Integration Foundation, Operation Lifesaver Estonia, the Science Centre AHHAA and many others.

The CEO of the AEB, Hanno Kindel, is happy to answer any questions at

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